Saturday, 12 August 2017


Hey all, so a few weeks ago my friend Lexie (who I must have mentioned a million times on my blog hehe) and I went for a 3 day trip up to London. I don't visit London very often but when I do I fall in love with the city. We had such a jam packed trip!! We went to not one but four galleries (V&A, Saatchi, The Photographer's Gallery and Tate Modern). We also did a load of shopping, exploring and met Dalal from the blog Monochrome Daisies which was so so cool!! I think South Bank has to be one of my favourite parts of London, I love the whole vibe of it.

Hope you enjoyed, more travel posts coming soon...
Love from Tasha x


  1. I love South Bank!! Also so jealous of your gallery day I really want to go to the Pink Floyd exhibition and The Photographers Gallery. Although I have never heard of the latter, I do love seeing photography. Next time you're in London you should so go to the Wellcome Collection; they usually have such cool exhibitions on!!
    constantlylibby, x

    1. I hadn't heard of it before but Lexie showed me and it was a pretty cool place!! I will defo check that out!! x

  2. Such beautiful photos, I hope you had the best time in London - its the best city and I'm so glad I live so close!

    Lucy | Forever September

    1. Thanks gal! You're very lucky hahah x


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