Thursday, 20 March 2014

A-Z Of My Room • Part One

Hello and Welcome,

How has everyone's week been so far? It's Friday tomorrow, finally! Next week should be good because at my school it will be charity week and they do lots of fun things to raise money, like on Friday it is Fancy Dress Day! Exciting :)

Anyway, recently I have seen a few posts similar to this, and they are so fun to read so I thought I would join in too! This is the A-Z of things in my room! It gives you a sneak peak at all my stuff, and hopefully I can do a Room Tour for you guys! If you want to know where something is from or how much it was, just comment down below! I have split this post into three parts so it isn't too much in one go, so today is Part One...


A is for Apple necklace
This was a gift I got a while ago, it is so cute!

B is for Bags
I have so many bags, but I use the tan one most often as it goes with everything.

C is for Candle
This candle smells gorgeous, and only £1 from Primark!

D is for Diary
This is just a little planner diary I use to know what I'm doing each week… bit forgetful! I think you all know what a diary is hehe :)

E is for Earphones
I can't live without these!

F is for Frames
I have quite a few photo frames in my room, they look so pretty and I love to put photos of friends and family in them.

G is for Girls Aloud CD
All I can say is I was a fan :)

H is for Hand Cream
This hand cream from Baylis & Harding smells so good, and is quite moisturising.

I is for iPod
This is the old iPod shuffle I got for my birthday (can't remember which one!) I've had it a while and it is still very good. I just get annoyed that it doesn't have a screen, I have to use the volume tab on my earphones!

I hope you have enjoyed Part One of this series of posts, please tell me what you think. Again if you want to know where something is from, I'm sure I can tell you!

See you soon

Tasha x


thank you for reading, I appreciate your comments so much x