Sunday, 30 March 2014

Mother's Day-OOTD #8

Hello and Welcome,

Happy Mother's Day to all the Mum's out there! I hope everyone has had a great day today, my family have! We gave Mum her gifts, went for a walk in the sun and made her afternoon tea!

But, as it is Sunday, I still want to do an OOTD post! So here is my outfit…

As the weather is getting nicer and it is a special occasion, I wanted to wear a dress. This dress was only £5 from Primark, and was featured in another of my OOTDs. This look is more seasonal, but still casual especially with my make up!

Jacket//New Look (I Think?)
I hope you enjoyed this little post! Have a great evening!

Tasha x

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

A-Z Of My Room • Part Two

Hello and Welcome,

So here is Part Two of my room post! If you want to see Part One, just click here. I hope you like this series and you think it is a good idea! If you would like a review on any products or would like to know where they are from, just ask in the comments! So lets jump straight in…


J is for Jack Wills catalog
I love the new range of clothes, it makes me even more excited for summer!

K is for Keys
You all know what these are! :)

 L is for Lamp
This is my bedside table lamp, it is so pretty and goes perfectly with my room.

M is for Make-up bag
I love my make-up bag, the floral pattern is so cute. Anyone want to see a 'What's in my make-up bag' post? I would love to do one!

N is for Nail polish
I have so many nail polishes! I love to paint my nails, and I will be a lot this summer!

O is for Orange lip gloss
I couldn't think of anything else that began with O! So I thought I would show you this cute lip gloss, it smells delicious.

P is for PJs
I know it's not Christmas anymore, but I love my pjs! They were only £3 at Primark in the sale.

Q is for Queen of hearts
Again, I couldn't think of anything else for Q! :)

R is for Rings
I am wearing rings non-stop recently, I just love them! These are a few of my favourites.

So that's all for Part Two! I hope you like this kind of post, it's something different. Please tell me what you think in the comments!

See you soon

Tasha x

Thursday, 20 March 2014

A-Z Of My Room • Part One

Hello and Welcome,

How has everyone's week been so far? It's Friday tomorrow, finally! Next week should be good because at my school it will be charity week and they do lots of fun things to raise money, like on Friday it is Fancy Dress Day! Exciting :)

Anyway, recently I have seen a few posts similar to this, and they are so fun to read so I thought I would join in too! This is the A-Z of things in my room! It gives you a sneak peak at all my stuff, and hopefully I can do a Room Tour for you guys! If you want to know where something is from or how much it was, just comment down below! I have split this post into three parts so it isn't too much in one go, so today is Part One...


A is for Apple necklace
This was a gift I got a while ago, it is so cute!

B is for Bags
I have so many bags, but I use the tan one most often as it goes with everything.

C is for Candle
This candle smells gorgeous, and only £1 from Primark!

D is for Diary
This is just a little planner diary I use to know what I'm doing each week… bit forgetful! I think you all know what a diary is hehe :)

E is for Earphones
I can't live without these!

F is for Frames
I have quite a few photo frames in my room, they look so pretty and I love to put photos of friends and family in them.

G is for Girls Aloud CD
All I can say is I was a fan :)

H is for Hand Cream
This hand cream from Baylis & Harding smells so good, and is quite moisturising.

I is for iPod
This is the old iPod shuffle I got for my birthday (can't remember which one!) I've had it a while and it is still very good. I just get annoyed that it doesn't have a screen, I have to use the volume tab on my earphones!

I hope you have enjoyed Part One of this series of posts, please tell me what you think. Again if you want to know where something is from, I'm sure I can tell you!

See you soon

Tasha x

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Spring Has Sprung-OOTD #6

Hello and Welcome,

Isn't the weather lovely? Where I live Spring has come earlier than usual. Everyone is getting out their sunnies, going for walks in the sun or heading to the beach! So here is what I had on today when I went out with my family and the dog…

This is just a cute and casual outfit that is nice to wear going into Spring! It is also a bit retro as I added these sunglasses that I love! I think I found them at a fair or car boot sale last year, but they are just so cute!

Lipstick//MUA Nude

So I hope you liked this post! Please tell me what you would like to see on my blog this Spring? Any outfits, reviews or make up tutorials!

Tasha x

P.S. What's the weather like where you are? Hope you have all had a lovely weekend!

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

First Impressions//Rimmel Powder and Foundation

Hello and Welcome,

I want to jump straight in to my post today, all about my first impressions of these two products, Rimmel Stay Matte Powder and Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation! First of all this is my first "review" post, so please tell me if you liked it because I would love to do more posts like this! Now there is a story behind these products, I actually got them at the car boot sale on the weekend! I was in town with my family so we went to the car boot sale. I found a lady selling new makeup (it was still sealed and unused) for a very low price. I was tempted to buy this powder in the shop as it is very popular at the moment, and I have heard good things about it, but luckily I found it for a much cheaper price! Along with the foundation, which is also raved about quite a lot! I know it might seem a bit dodgy buying makeup at a boot sale, but these are definitely brand new and don't harm my skin. I couldn't say no, I got both products for £3! 

Rimmel Stay Matte Powder 001 Transparent
"Long lasting pressed powder… Up to 5 hours natural shine control with natural minerals. Helps minimise the appearance of pores. Dermatologically tested."

I really like this powder so far, it gives a matte finish and just looks so nice on! I'm not sure how long it has stayed on, but it does last a long time. It gives a powdery finish but looks very natural. Also the product is quite light and illuminating. It comes in many shades and is £3.99. I would recommend it!
First impressions 9/10 find it here

Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation 100 Ivory
"SPF 18… Light perfecting radiance foundation… Traceless coverage foundation with advanced Smart-Tone technology for perfectly flawless skin under any light. Enhanced with Sapphire Radiance for an illuminating glow. Lasts all day."

This has already become a favourite of mine! It is quite light and natural looking if you don't apply it really thick, and I like that. It is runnier then I thought it would be but is easy to apply. It has a pump, which isn't very good as it comes out quite quickly, but I will get the hang of that! This colour actually does match my skin tone, and it comes in other colours too. There is quite a lot of product and it will be perfect for spring as I feel it does illuminate a bit! It is £6.99, but I luckily got it much cheaper! :)
First impressions 8/10 find it here

These products work very well together, I am so glad I found them! I hope you enjoyed this mini review. Do you have either of these?

Tasha x

P.S. Please comment suggesting what else you would like to see on my blog! Or if you like posts like this!

Sunday, 9 March 2014

My February Favourites

Hello and Welcome,

"Where have you been, Tasha?" You might be thinking… well, I have actually been extremely busy this past week! I was part of my school production of 'We Will Rock You', it was so much fun and really successful! So all day Sunday and Monday we rehearsed. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings we performed it and I miss it so much already! Then yesterday I slept over at my friends house. So that's where I've been!

But today I have finally got round to posting my February Favourites (better late then never!) These are the things I have been loving the past month, so I hope you enjoy!
*Picture heavy post!


 I have worn all of the above a lot in February. I love how a little ring can really accessorise an outfit, and rings are very in fashion at the moment! I would love to get some more rings, as some of mine are very old now! Also jeans and a wooly cardi was my go-to look last month. It is just so comfy and cute. These jeans were very cheap from Primark-only £7. My cardigan was a gift so not sure on the price, but I wear it non-stop.


Maybelline Baby Lips in Pink Punch
Maybelline Great Lash Mascara in Blackest Black
Topshop Nails in Mermaid
All of these products are quiet new to me but I have worn them so much recently! Baby Lips in Pink Punch is such a pretty colour, I just put it on before I go out. It is also moisturising, which is good while it is still a bit cold! Next up, Great Lash mascara has a perfect sized brush for getting into the corner of your eyes and the bottom lashes to make your lashes look longer! Last but not least, I found this Topshop Nail polish in the sale for £1-bargin! It looks so pretty on-a lovely, shiny, metallic colour!

Hair/Skin Care

Sure Long Lasting Protection Deodorant in Cool Pink 
Batiste Dry Shampoo in Monochrome
Everyone needs deodorant, and this one is one of the best! I love the smell and freshness of this. I have definitely loved this a lot recently. Also I have used this dry shampoo often just to refresh my hair, and I love the smell! I really want the cherry one too :)


Rather Be//Clean Bandit
When it came to this category, this is the only thing that stood out for me! Rather Be by Clean Bandit, it is so catchy! It was played a lot in February and I love it! You can listen to it here


Recently, I have loved watching Youtube videos-Music videos, Fashion videos, Beauty videos! I love watching how to style something, or picking up makeup tips! My favourite youtubers at the moment are AllYours1516, Marieroseeee and Floralscene.

So this have been my February Favourites! Please comment if you want to know where to get anything, or how much it is, or even if you have any of these things too! 

Tasha x

P.S. I am going to try to stick to my blogging schedule now! Posts every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday (and maybe Saturday too!)