Friday, 14 February 2014

Valentine's Day Wishlist

Hello and Welcome,

Just to say, It's now half term for me! I finished my Work Experience today and will actually miss it as it was a great experience and everyone was so nice! Anyway I should be free over the half term to do lots of blogging for you guys!

So, Happy Valentine's Day everyone! It's just a normal day for me (single pringle!) as I'm not doing anything for Valentines, but I still wanted to do a related post today! These are some things I would love to have at the moment, especially for this time of the year, from some of my favourite shops! I will leave all the links so you can have a look yourself!

From Left to Right

1. Tisty Tosty Bath Bomb from Lush
3. Models Own Nail Polish in Strawberry Tart, Sardonyx, and Raspberry Crush
5. Revlon Colourburst Lip Butter in Sweet Tart 90
6. Crinkle Flower Shirt from Topshop
8. Olivia Burton Watch from Topshop
10. Bobble Round Necklace from Accessorize

So here it is! I love all of these items as they are so girly and gorgeous, perfect for Valentines! I especially want the Models Own Nail Vanish, and I love the Topshop Clothes! What's your favourite item? 

I hope you all have had a great Valentine's Day!

Tasha x


  1. Great items! I'm loving the pink sweater :3

    SHE WALKS Blog

  2. Loves this! great products <3

    check out my Valentines Day Outfit @

  3. Lush seriously is a place for addicts...hahaha once you shop there you can't stop!

    Kristine |

    1. I know, I just love their bath bombs! :) x

  4. Cute Wishlist I love sleek and models own x

  5. I like your style. :) The Knitted sweater is really pretty.


  6. What an amazing wishlist:)
    That sweater looks amazing!!

    1. Thank you, yes I love the sweater! x

  7. Great wishlist ! I follow you on bloglovin ! XOXOX Followback ?

  8. I woul definetely love to get a watch lke that! :)


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