Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Perfect Polish

Hello and welcome,

I wasn't sure what to post today, I'm back at school and nothing really exciting has happened! But hopefully something will soon, PLEASE comment what you would like to see in future posts.

Anyway, I was playing around with my camera the other day and decided to take some pictures of my 3 favourite nail polishes at the moment. I also added some of the nail polishes I really want to buy soon!  I'm kinda in love with nail polishes :) I hope you like it!

First up is this beautiful Avon Nailwear Pro+ Nail Enamel in gold (not sure of the actual name as it was a present!) I also have one in a cute pink colour (also a present) and fell in love with them as they are so good. They last for ages and are so pretty. This was a great colour for Christmas. I'm not exactly sure how much they are but I think they are £6 each, not bad for a quality product!

This is the Natural Collection Nail Colour in Pink Manicure. This is the only Natural Collection polish that I have but I do love this one. It's very light and perfect for a simple look, but you can always do more than one coat. I think this is around £1.89 but can't remember (sorry!)

These are Nail Art Get Creative pens from Primark. I got these for Christmas as I love nail art and my Mum cleverly found some in Primark! They have a small tip for dots, thin lines etc, and a thin brush for smooth, straight lines. Perfect! They also include gems which are so easy to stick on using the tip. Overall I found these really easy to use and so much fun to do! They come in packs of two (mine are silver and gold) and I think they cost £2, cheap as chips!

Although I do love these nail polishes, I still want MORE! These are ones I am looking out for, they are so pretty and I've heard great things about them…

Barry M Nail Paint

Barry M Gelly

Models Own Fruit Pastels

Models Own Nail Art Pens

Rio Professional Nail Art Pens

So I hope you liked this post, remember to comment what you thought and what you'd like to see in future posts! Thanks for reading :)

Tasha x

P.S. What's your favourite nail polish brand? And would you be interested if I did a room tour post?


  1. I love the first color!!

  2. I really like the Models Own Fruit Pastels. :)


  3. I don't use nail varnish much as they are too short however I love going in to shops and looking at all the colours ! I would also love to try out the nail art pens because I think you could do some really intricate details which would look really cool. I got my friend the Rio professional ones and she loved them. It's good too because they are refillable !
    Eb x

    1. Yes nail vanishes are so pretty! Ooh I might invest in the Rio professional ones then, thank you :) x

  4. I love the Avon Nail Polishes, they are so good a lovely range of colours and so affordable :) Would love it if you came and checked out my blog :) x

    1. Yes me too! and of course I'll check out your blog! x


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