Wednesday, 22 January 2014

MUA Bargins

Hello and Welcome,

How are we all? I am actually really happy to do this post because it's the first proper review I have done so far during my blogging career :) So I will be reviewing my Makeup Academy (MUA) beauty products. This brand is actually quite good quality and as cheap as chips! You can find them in places like Superdrug and Boots. So put it on your wish list :)

Firstly, I recently bought two MUA lipsticks, which I am already in love with! The nude colour is shade 13 and the the red is shade 11. They are really soft and are quite pigmented. I haven't used the red that much but the nude colour is lovely for an everyday look, as it's a similar colour to my lips. These are only £1, believe it or not, and I'm starting a collection ;)

Top-Shade 13   Bottom-Shade 11

MUA lipsticks//£1
I also have this cute, girly MUA lipgloss that I actually had for a while but didn't really use. But now I have come across more MUA products, I thought I would try it out! It is a lovely pinky colour and I will properly wear it over pink lipstick, but first impressions tell me that it could be a bit sticky and will have to be reapplied a lot. However, they smell does remind me of raspberries! I'm not sure of the price or if it is still being sold, sorry!

Shade 5
MUA//Price unknown!
Now this is my new obsession, MUA eyeshadow palette! This is the 'Undress Me Too' palette, and is a mix of soft neutrals, greys and metallics. Most are shimmery but some are matte. But they are all so pretty and so far so good. They seem to blend together really well, although I would say there could be more matte shades. But I love this product, It was only £4 when I bought it! There is other palettes by MUA too, colourful ones, shimmery ones. I want them all!

MUA//Undress Me Too Palette//£4

Great for a smoky eye look!
Lastly, the MUA Primer, this is a lovely base for your make up, and it does leave your skin soft! Just don't get it on your hands too much, it has a weird texture! But I have been loving this product so far. And I think it was only £3!


So that's my MUA collection so far! Do you use any MUA products? What would you recommend?

See ya soon :)

Tasha x


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  2. nice post! cant wait to try some of the products you mentioned x

    1. hehe thank you! yes you should try them! x

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