Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Leibster Awards!

Hello and Welcome,

How has everyone's week been so far? Something amazing has happened to me! I've been nominated for not one, but SIX Leibster Awards in the past week which is amazing as I am still new at blogging! I'm so glad other blogs like my little corner of the web, and hopefully this is a good way to meet new bloggers! I appreciate it so much and it's so nice to know that people actually read my posts!!!I recently did the Sunshine award (which is very similar to this) so that's why I have waited to do another Awards post. But I can't wait any longer so here we go! I apologise if anything is repeated or you find this boring, but I want to show ALL the people that nominated me that I appreciate it! And in know ways am I trying to show off!!! Hope you like it anyways...

If you don't know how this award works, here are the rules:

1.You must link back to the person who nominated you
2. You must answer the 11 question given by the nominee before you
3. You pick 11 nominees with under 200 followers to answer your questions
4. You cannot nominate the person who nominated you
5. You must tell the nominees that they have been nominated by you

On Saturday Mollie nominated me, so thank you and go check out her blog!

Questions from Mollie:
1.who is your favourite youtuber and why? 
At the moment it is 'AllYous1516' go check them out on Youtube!
2.whats you favourite makeup brand? 
I love Soap and Glory, but also Miss Sporty and Rimmel
3.which celebrity (dead or alive) would you want to meet? 
I'm not sure, maybe Mollie King!
4.who you rather live without tv or music? 
Music (because you can listen to the music channel on TV swell!)
5.what your favourite place to eat?
Costa or Prezzo
6.whats you favourite mac product?
Don't have any! But their lipsticks look AMAZING!
7. what do you prefer drugstore makeup or high end makeup?
Drugstore, because I can afford it. But I'd love to try more high end products!
8. are you going on any holidays this year?
Yes, I think I might be!
9.whats your favourite moment of 2013?
I loved a lot! But going to Spain was amazing.
10.what is your New Years resolution?
(I have two main ones!) To drink more water, and to look after my skin!
11.what is your best piece of clothing and why?
Hmmm… jeans because I can wear them with anything!

On Sunday, I was then nominated by Ace, so thank you, I LOVE your blog!

Questions from Ace:
1. What was your favourite summer memory?
Going to the beach, and the SUN!
2. What's your favourite palette? 
At the moment, MUA undress me too palette
3. Who is your favourite blogger?
I have so many favourites!!!
4. Who is your celeb crush?
Hmm… maybe Jaden Smith ;)
5. What is your favourite makeup brand?
Soap and Glory, Miss Sporty or Rimmel
6. When did you start getting into makeup?
I got more interested last year, but from about 12-13 years old
7.  Fashion or Makeup?
Such a hard question! Maybe Fashion?!
8. What is the makeup item you cannot live without?
9. What is your most worn pair of shoes?
Converse - Primark ones ;) 
10. Who is your favourite you tuber?
At the moment 'AllYours1516'
11. Who is your inspiration?
I don't really have a "role model", I'm just inspired by the things around me! But my fashion icon is Mollie King!

Then on Tuesday, the lovely Sophie nominated me, so thank you so much!

Questions from Sophie:
1. What got you into blogging? 
My friend had a blog, and it inspired me!
2. Which blogs inspire you?

Like I said, My friends blog
3. What are your new years resolutions?
To drink more water, and to look after my skin!
4. If you had the chance to move to any city in the world where would it be?
New York, or somewhere in Italy (I don't mind!)
5. What is your favourite movie?
Harry Potter, or Love Actually
6. What is your must have item in your bag/on you at all times?
My Phone and my lip balm!
7. In your opinion, who is the best dressed celebrity?
Mollie King!!!
8. Current favourite TV show?
Hmm… Miranda or The Face (American version swell!)
9. Most visited high street shop?
New Look
10. A red lip or dark eyes?
A red lip! It looks so lovely!
11. Blog plans for 2014?
I haven't really planned, just going with the flow :)

Next Laura nominated me, also on Tuesday, thank you so much, your blog is so pretty!

Questions from Laura: 
1#What is your hidden talent?
I can play grade 4/5 piano, but have stopped now!
2#Describe your personality in one word. Which one and why?
Girly, because that's my style, personality and I think I'm quite kind and friendly (like all girls should be!)
3#Sneakers or High Heels?
Sneakers, I don't own many high heels because I can't walk in them :D
4#What is your dream job? Why?
Baker or Writer, because they are my favour things!
5#Whats your favourite song of 2013?
Hmmm… I liked so many! I did really like John Newman's songs
6#Tea or Coffee? 
neither, I'm not a fan of hot drinks!
7#What is your life motto?
If you believe, you can achieve! It's the one we use in my house at school haha
8#Which dead personality you would like to meet ?
Maybe Marilyn Monroe, that would be amazing!
9#Which item in your room or apartment do you like most?
My bed! :D
10# Who is your inspiration? Why?
I don't really have a "role model", I'm just inspired by the things around me! But my fashion icon is Mollie King!
11# Why did you started a Blog?
I was inspired by my friend who writes an amazing blog!

Thank you so much to Aimee, who nominated me today for this award, can't wait for your next post!

Questions from Aimee:
1.How long have you been blogging for?
2 weeks today, I think!
2. Favourite blogs?
Like I said earlier, I have so many!!!3. Are you more of a bold lip or dramatic eye kinda girl?
I think bold lip, I love so many colour lips!4. Favourite makeup brand?
Soap and Glory, Miss Sporty or Rimmel
5. If you could only shop in one store for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Hmm… I want to say Topshop but I would run out of money :( so I think Primark! It has so much choice and its cheap!
6.Favourite TV series?
Miranda :D
7. If you had to compare your style to one celebrity, who would it be?
I'm not sure, but I'm influenced by Taylor swift and Mollie King!8. What is your holy-grail beauty product?
My Mascara!9. Favourite place in the world you have visited?
Greece, it is beautiful!10. All time favourite CD?
Umm… probably my Spice Girls CD!
11.By this time next year, what do you hope to have achieved with your blog?
I hope to have over 400 followers and to have made my blog design more professional

Last but not least, the lovely Laura nominated me today, so thank you so much, go check out her blog!

Questions from Laura:
1. What is your favourite film and why?
Love Actually because its so funny, cute and a bit Christmassy!
2.  Who's your favourite superhero?
Wolverine, I actually like the films too!
3.  If you could go back in time where and when would you go to?
the 1950s/60s! I love the fashion!
4.  If you could be anyone in the world who would you be?
Hard question… maybe a famous writer/baker who gets to travel the world!
5. If you could live anywhere you wanted where would you live?
I do love living here, but I'd love to go to Italy or Greece whenever I wanted :D6. Would you rather have to watch Justin Bieber- Baby on replay  for 24 hours or scratch a wall for 3 hours?
Another hard question … I would hate the sound of both :/
7. Would you rather meet your favourite singer or your favourite actor (Who)?
Well my celebrity icon is Mollie King, and she is a singer! It would be so cool to meet her!8.  What alcohol do you drink?
None, I'm only 14! I prefer J2O myself ;)9. What is your favourite type of make up?
Soap and Glory, Miss Sporty or Rimmel
10. If you could only wear one style of hair, what would it be?
Straight hair and down, simple and easy!

Thank you so much for all the nominations! Unfortunately I'm not allowed to nominate any the above blogs! So here are the nominees...

My Nominees:

My Questions for the nominees:

1. Why did you start blogging?
2. What is your dream job?
3. Do you have any pets?
4. What inspired you blog's name/title?
5. Favourite Lip Product?
6. Favourite item of clothing?
7. Favourite piece of jewellery?
8. Art or Music?
9. Mascara or Eye Liner?
10. Blush or Bronzer?
11. Summer or Winter?

I hope you enjoy doing your Leibster award post, I will look out for it nominees! I hope you enjoyed this post and know a bit more about me. I also apologise if you found it a bit of a bore. I try my best :D

Hopefully see you soon!

Tasha x


  1. Well done ! That's a lot of questions to answer. I can't even believe we started blogging within about 2 days of each other and comparing our blogs mine looks silly !
    Eb x

    1. Thank you! Oh but i love your blog too! I still feel like a beginner! :) x

  2. Here are my answers:

    Thank you for nominating me! XOXO, Ruby

  3. Hi Natasha! I just found your blog and it's beautiful! I love your blog title. :)

    Have a lovely day!

  4. I'm new to all this blogging lark. I feel like I'm slightly getting left behind as my posts aren't too popular, compared to others who started at the same time as me.. What am I doing wrong?!

    1. I'm sure your not doing anything wrong, i'll check it out! try and gain more followers by commenting on other blogs etc, and maybe vary your post a bit more? But im not sure, i havent even seen it yet! x

  5. Didnt see this but I've nominated you for a Liebster award too :) check out the post here:

    Honey Bee

    1. Thank You, i'll check it out hehe :) x

  6. Didn't realise you'd already wrote this post haha, but I nominated you for an award over at my blog x

    1. Thank you so much, i'll check it out :) x

  7. Aww I love your blog too! this is so lovely! xxx

    1. Thank You, I love your blog too! x

  8. ahh such good answers! I enjoyed reading them :) xxx

  9. love it! x

  10. Hi! I really like your blog so I've nominated you for the Liebster Award :) The details are all on my blog!

  11. Love your blog!
    I enjoyed reading this!
    Check out my blog at

    Have an awesome weekend, Tasha!


  12. Hello! I love your blog and your posts are so good! I'm a new blogger and would love it if you could check out my blog and maybe give it a follow? :) x

  13. Hey, I just recently stumbled upon your blog and I love it! I was recently nominated for this award too and would appreciate it if you would check it out.

    1. Thank you! Yes, I'll go check it out! x


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