Thursday, 2 January 2014

First Ever Post!!! 02/01/14

Hello my name's Natasha, but call me Tasha, and welcome to my first ever blog post! I've wanted to start a blog for ages, and as its the new year i thought it was about time! Firstly, I'd like to say thanks to my friend Lexie, i saw her blog and thought it was amazing and looked so fun to do. That's when i got inspired to start my own! So go check it out and follow her at .

Secondly, let me tell you about myself! 
I'm 14 years old and i'm in year 10 at school
I love all things vintage and girly
At the moment i'm very in to fashion, photography, art, writing, make up, cooking and textiles
I also love Instagram and have started a theme to my account @natashawilson11
I live with my mum, dad, younger sister, and my dog!
And i'm so excited for 2014!

So I hope you'll like my blog, it will be full of anything and everything that i love!

Tasha x

P.S. I already have another blog post lined up so see you soon!

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  1. Hey Tash!I love your layout, looking forward to your next post :) Lexie xx

    1. Thank You Lexie! So excited! :) xx

  2. Looking forward to your next post! Just started following you on bloglovin! love you layout! :D would love my blog to be like yours !! xx

    1. Awh Thank You so much, sorry just read your comment! I'm really new at this so i just played around with the layout!! so glad you like it xx

    2. hehe! Thank you so much for sharing my blog!! :D xxxx

  3. Heya I was wondering if you wanted to follow eachother? I am 15 and live in London :)

  4. Hey ! I love your blog. We have many common interests so hopefully we can be blogging buddies ! Anyway. I have just started my blog too so thanks for following me !
    Eb x

    1. Yeah that would be great, and thats ok! x

  5. Hi! welcome to the blogging community! Hope you have tons of fun when writing posts and I wish you an incredible journey :D
    Big kiss,


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