Monday, 13 January 2014

Beauty Haul

Hello and Welcome,

How are you guys? I know it's only Monday but it will be the weekend before you know it! Can't wait for my lie in :) So on Sunday I went to town and did a bit of shopping with my sister. I got lots of beauty products that I have heard are very good, and my first impressions of these products are also very good! (Again I'm SO SORRY about the quality, I edited them a bit but the lighting was awful!)

First up is Clintons!

Beach Wood and Fluffy Towels Sampler Yankee Candles   £1.80 each
Here I got my first Yankee Candles, they didn't have much chose in Clintons but these two smell amazing! I almost don't want to burn them because they look so cute :) Please comment your fav Yankee Candles!

Then I went to Superdrug!

Simple Facial Toner   £2.99
One of my New Years resolutions is to look after my skin better, so I'm starting with this facial toner from Simple. It has a lovely smell and is already leaving my skin soft. You should apply it every morning and evening, and then moisturise. It basically does what it says on the tin (well…bottle!) "a perfect blend of multivitamins and skin-loving ingredients to keep your skin clarified and refreshed"

MUA Undress Your Skin Primer   £4 (was £5)
This should also help my skin, and I've heard so many good things about MUA! I was tempted by 'Baby Skin' but this primer was much cheaper. I will have to try that another time! Anyway this is a perfect base for foundation or BB cream and "leaves your skin velvety soft"

Carmex Cherry Lip Balm   £2.55
I absolutely love my Carmex Lip Balm, and my last one ran out. This moisturises your lips and has the best smell (and taste!) ever! It smells a bit like Cherry Bakewell! I really recommend this product.

MUA Undress Me Too Palette   £4
The MUA Undress Me Too palette was another product that I had read about and just had to grab of the shelf! The colours are so pretty and pigmented. Some are neutral, some are metallic, they are all so beautiful! I can't wait to use these!

Baby Lips Pink Punch   £2.99
Now this is my first ever baby lips! My sister and I both got one and love them already. I really like this colour. They are slightly glossy (I prefer a matte look) but for a lip balm they are pretty much perfect. I think I might start a collection ;)

And now Boots!

Miss Sporty Liquid Concealer   £2.99
I was searching long and hard for a concealer that wasn't really expensive, but wasn't too thick and cakey. I'm still not 100% happy but this product is still very nice. I've used Miss Sporty concealer before and it blends in nicely, but it is slightly glittery. I'm saving up for Soap & Glory concealer :)

Soap & Glory The Righteous Butter   £2.50
And lastly but by no means least, my first ever Soap & Glory product! This is the body butter and it smells AMAZING! It is just so soft and moisturising "with softening shea butter and aloe vera".  I will be using this a lot!

Thanks for reading today! I hope you liked my haul, what products have you bought recently? Which would you recommend?

Tasha x

P.S. I am so grateful I have been nominated for TWO Leibster Awards, and just to remind you I haven't forgotten, I will do them by the end of the week! I just don't want you guys to get bored of my posts so I'm spreading the Awards out a bit! See you soon then!


  1. I'll never get bored of your posts. Their all and girly and helpful and really inspiring. I really love them. Keep them coming. xo

    1. Thank You so much! i really appreciate it! :) x

  2. nice, I like simple as well is great :)

  3. Might look at the Yankee candles ! Great post !

    Eb x

    1. Thank you, you should they smell great! x

  4. S&G<3
    You shouldn't be disappointed with that product!
    E | Beauty/Skincare | Cocoamourr

    1. I love Soap & Glory too! I love all my products really :) x

  5. Such a pretty Blog I nominated you for the Liebster Award!
    Check out my Blog for the rules:
    Good Luck !!!

  6. hey as I like your blog so much, I've put you up for the liebster award!! all the details are on my blog!


    1. Thank you so much! will do it soon :) x

  7. I just nominated you for a Liebster award :) check out my blog for more details xo

  8. Love the blog, I've tagged you in the Liebster award check it out x

    1. Thank you so much! Love your blog too :) x

  9. Lovely post, for a concealer.. try the Collection one! It's most blogger's holy grail! ;) and for less than £5, it's hardly breaking the bank either :)
    I used to work for Yankee, so I'd say my favourites are Pink Sands, Soft Blanket and A Child's Wish :) All very subtle, with a lovely summery twist!

    1. thank you! i actually bought a Collection concealer yesterday! :) and ooooh must try those :) x


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