Tuesday, 28 January 2014

My Weekend Wake-Up Make-Up

Hello and Welcome,

For me I'm halfway through the week! I have an inset day on Friday so I'm pretty happy with that :) Hope you guys are having a nice week so far! Anyway, today's post is all about My Weekend Make Up Look! I hope you enjoy it, its not really a review, ust an insight into my make up routine. Also I decided to do these fancy title photos for all my posts (below) so if you follow me on Bloglovin' or whatever you can see the photo and what my post might be about! Please comment what you think and enjoy!

This is the look I go for on the weekends, and I think it really "awakens" my face! I especially love my eyes, as I love the MUA eyeshadow palette I'm using at the moment! So when I wake up in the morning I have no make up on, and I look a bit yuck :)

Firstly I apply my Nivea Daily Essentials Light Moisturising Day Cream
I don't like to bother with a full face cleansing routine every morning, so sometimes I just use this wonderful moisturiser! It smells great too.

Then I apply the MUA Undress Your Skin Flawless Primer all over my face, and it makes my face feel so smooth! (see this in my other post here)

After this, I apply my Rimmel BB Cream, my new Illuminating Touch Concealer and  Natural Collection Powder. I recommend all these products very much! I like a light coverage so this products are perfect for that!

I like to apply a bit of blush with my buffing brush, this is the Miss Sporty Fabulous Colour Palette. I'm using this at the moment but would like to find an even better blush! Any ideas???

Now my FAB MUA Undress Me Too Palette! I love this as you might already know! (look here!) I just change it up a bit every week, but usually use the lighter shades. I like to put a light base colour all over my lid, then a slightly darker, glittery shade on my outer part of my lid. Then I finish with a light shade in the corner tip of my eye to make them light and bright!

Then I apply my Miss Sporty Pump Up Booster Mascara and a bit of Eye Liner Pencil (not sure where this is from!) I love this mascara at the moment, it's better than all the others I've had before! It's quite a big brush, so if it gets clumpy I just use my little eyelash brush (below)

And lastly, lip products! I use Carmex Lip Balm, which smells of cherries and is so moisturising! Then I apply Baby Lips Pink Punch or a bit of pink lippy!

And this is the final look! Hope you enjoyed! And I will definitely do a proper Make Up Tutorial/Review in the future! 

Tasha x

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Dreaming of Summer-OOTD #3

Hello and Welcome,

It's that time of the week for an OOTD! Yesterday I went into town with my friends and there was a sale in New Look still, so we were just having a look when I found these shorts for £7 in the sale! I instantly loved them because last year I could't find a nice pair of shorts, but these were perfect. They are an acid wash style of high waisted shorts, perfect for summer! But I wanted to try them out so I wore them today :)

This was just a quick outfit I put together with my new shorts. I love these colours together, very wintery tones. I also added a scarf, as it's still bloody freezing outside!


Ring//Dorothy Perkins

Shorts//New Look   Top//New Look

Lipstick//Rimmel London

Hope you liked this quick 'Outfit Of The Day'! Tell me what you think and if you're excited for the Summer!

Tasha x

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Updates, Updates, Updates!

Hello and Welcome,

I have decided to set up a sort of schedule for my blog, so I'll just update you! I really, really love blogging but don't always have the time,  or I am busy or actually don't have anything exciting to post! So instead I will prepare my posts as an when I think of them and hopefully make them very exciting! I'm going to try post maybe Monday and Wednesday and then on the weekend as I will be doing a OOTD every Sunday - check out my last update here

So I will be seeing you 3-4 times a week, as I have to balance out school work and my social life ( I do have one!) aswell. I hope you will really look forward to my posts now! I've got some good ones lined up for this weekend!

Also, please, please, PLEASE comment if you would like to request a certain type of post or have any tips on how to make my blog look better (or if you like it as it is!)

Just a little bit of photography to add to this post! (hopefully my photos will look better when it gets lighter!)

My Photography//The Sun Set Beach

Thank you so much and see ya soon :)

Tasha x

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

MUA Bargins

Hello and Welcome,

How are we all? I am actually really happy to do this post because it's the first proper review I have done so far during my blogging career :) So I will be reviewing my Makeup Academy (MUA) beauty products. This brand is actually quite good quality and as cheap as chips! You can find them in places like Superdrug and Boots. So put it on your wish list :)

Firstly, I recently bought two MUA lipsticks, which I am already in love with! The nude colour is shade 13 and the the red is shade 11. They are really soft and are quite pigmented. I haven't used the red that much but the nude colour is lovely for an everyday look, as it's a similar colour to my lips. These are only £1, believe it or not, and I'm starting a collection ;)

Top-Shade 13   Bottom-Shade 11

MUA lipsticks//£1
I also have this cute, girly MUA lipgloss that I actually had for a while but didn't really use. But now I have come across more MUA products, I thought I would try it out! It is a lovely pinky colour and I will properly wear it over pink lipstick, but first impressions tell me that it could be a bit sticky and will have to be reapplied a lot. However, they smell does remind me of raspberries! I'm not sure of the price or if it is still being sold, sorry!

Shade 5
MUA//Price unknown!
Now this is my new obsession, MUA eyeshadow palette! This is the 'Undress Me Too' palette, and is a mix of soft neutrals, greys and metallics. Most are shimmery but some are matte. But they are all so pretty and so far so good. They seem to blend together really well, although I would say there could be more matte shades. But I love this product, It was only £4 when I bought it! There is other palettes by MUA too, colourful ones, shimmery ones. I want them all!

MUA//Undress Me Too Palette//£4

Great for a smoky eye look!
Lastly, the MUA Primer, this is a lovely base for your make up, and it does leave your skin soft! Just don't get it on your hands too much, it has a weird texture! But I have been loving this product so far. And I think it was only £3!


So that's my MUA collection so far! Do you use any MUA products? What would you recommend?

See ya soon :)

Tasha x

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

100 Followers//January Wish List

Hello and Welcome,

OMGGGG! Thank you all so much for following me on Bloglovin', I have now reached 100 followers! I never would have thought so many people would follow my blog as I am still a beginner. I started my blog only a couple of weeks ago, so I am so happy! This is the email I received today :)

So I want to do a little post for you lovely 100 followers! I wasn't sure what to do as I have some posts lined up for later in the week, so I thought I would just do a small but sweet January wish list. I haven't done this before but I thought it would be fun! I am loving a  lot of stuff this winter but here are a few things I NEED (well… want!) So here goes!



Sleek//Blush and Bronzer

Models Own Nail Vanish

Maybelline//Master Precise Eye Liner

Soap & Glory//Kick Ass Concealer


Topshop//Joni Jeans 

Topshop//Pink Cropped Jumper

New Look//Ankle Boots

Boohoo.com//Tartan Smock Dress

So I hope you liked this short but sweet post! What is on your wish list this month! 

Tasha x

P.S. Thank you again so much for following! :D

Monday, 20 January 2014

Fashion Icon-Mollie King

Hello and Welcome,

Oh... Its Monday... I know the feeling! But today I am feeling inspired, and I want to share with you my style icon Mollie King! I love Mollie as she is so pretty and stylish (and great at singing!). She also has the most adorable dog ever!

From Mollie King's Facebook Page

These are some of Mollie's everyday looks that I love, and I am inspired by! I love her style and how she can make something casual look stunning! She is also very trendy but unique. I am definitely going to try re-make these looks. Enjoy!


Dotty about this outfit!
Tan and Tartan!

Casual and Comfy!

Bang on trend with Tartan!
Hope you liked this! Who's your style/celebrity icon?

Tasha x

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Sun, Sea, and Snapshots

Hello and Welcome,

How has your weekend been guys? Like I said in my post earlier today, I wanted to do an extra post as I haven't posted much over the last few days. So here's a quick post of some pictures I took while I was out on a walk with my family earlier (my mum, dad, sister and my dog!). We had lunch at the cafe on the sea front and went for a walk along the beach. I am really happy with these photos, especially as I took them on my phone! Gotta love a bit of photography :)


Tasha x